Fuel delivery savings


Shell Tapup is a new venture of Shell that delivers fuel the vehicle fleet of their business consumers. Tapup supports the energy transition: minimally taxed fuels become more accessible through a delivery service. Is it possible to optimize this delivery service?


We research, test, learn and improve – the Dent formula. We support the Tapup team in an intense collaboration with a variety of disciplines and skills in order to implement a variety of IoT technologies.
Through our continuous approach of iterating and testing we developed solutions that have not existed before!


The integration of a diverse smart sensing solution makes it possible to work data-driven. This way collected data is used optimally, making sure that Shell Tapup can guarantee the continuous quality of its fuel delivery service. The gains for Tapup?A 50% reduction of operational time and thereby delivery costs.

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Niels Stamhuis

Managing Director
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Vincent Wegener

Advisor – Co-founder
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Jurjen Lengkeek

Advisor – Co-founder
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