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The Internet of Things offers endless opportunities. The more people know about- and think through this technology, the more helpful solutions can arise. MachineQ, active from Philadelphia in the USA, was looking for an accessible way to introduce programmers and developers to the opportunities of this technology.. How can we make IoT comprehensible and more accessible to public?


Empirical research and the development of a prototype brought Dent to the idea of a plug & play developer kit. A box containing all building blocks needed to make your very own IoT solution! It works instantly, end-to-end, out of the box. This gives programmers and developers a powerful, portable tool which allows them to connect any sensor solution to the internet without much of a hassle.


During events and workshops, this DevKit has proved itself to be the perfect tool for showing the potential of MachineQ’s IoT-network in a fast and easy way. The snowball effect is created: more and more developers start using IoT, resulting in more smart solutions on the market. Until now we have reached out to more than 2000 developers!

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Managing Director
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Advisor – Co-founder
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Advisor – Co-founder
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