Say goodbye to routine maintenance inspections


Spread out across the Netherlands: thousands of street cabinets that house part of the network we use for our internet and telephone connection. These cabinets are regularly inspected to ensure the continuous quality of our network. Not entirely unimportant! These check-ups are done periodically by inspectors. Can this labor-intensive task be replaced by a self-regulating system?


Routine inspections had to be replaced by a sensor solution which proactively sends out notifications over distance when an error occurs with the ‘health’ of the cabinet or when it is opened or closed. We researched which parameters gave insight into these activities and translated them into the right sensors. This inspired us to develop a device which measures temperature, relative humidity, door-status, leak water, impact and orientation (vandalism).


Routine inspections are history. The long drives to personally inspect every single cabinet have become unnecessary. Originally 40% of the maintenance alarms were incorrect. Now this never happens anymore. You can calculate how much money and CO2 this saves!

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Managing Director
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