Security monitor access, climate and vandalism


They are spread throughout the Netherlands; thousands of street cabinets that are part of the network that allows us to use the internet and make telephone calls. These street cabinets are regularly inspected so that the quality of the internet and telephone services can be guaranteed. These inspections are routinely done by technicians. Could these technicians of whom we have too few and who have too much work, be relieved of this task by an automatic monitoring system?


Routine inspections had to be replaced with a sensor solution that proactively sends remote notifications when an error occurs with the 'health' of the cabinet or when it is opened or closed. We investigated which parameters provided insight into these activities and translated them into the right sensors. This inspired us to develop a device that measures temperature, relative humidity, door status, leakage, impact and orientation (vandalism).


Routine inspections are a thing of the past. The long journeys to personally inspect each cabinet have become unnecessary. Originally, 40% of the maintenance alarms was incorrect. Now this never happens again. Calculate for yourself how much money and CO2 this will save!

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