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Monitoring the tilt of quay walls with IoT in Brielle

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Scheefstand kademuren IoT

IoT and quay walls may sound like a strange combination, but quay walls are an important asset for many municipalities in the Netherlands. Quay walls are often (centuries) old structures that are subject to change and can therefore pose a hazard. Monitoring is necessary to prevent decay or collapse of the quay walls.

The current monitoring methods are time-intensive exercises, but above all only snapshots. Everything can be good at the time of measurement, while the next day something changes, breaks or fails. IoT (internet of things) is a proven technology to constantly monitor assets and replace repetitive tasks with notifications of deviations. With IoT you can easily create an up-to-date digital representation of the physical world.

We have Multisensor Tilt developed for monitoring the tilt of trees, buildings and other structures. This makes this solution also suitable for quay walls. Using an inclinometer (0.02 degree accuracy), this sensor can monitor the rotation of the wall.

Many applications of Multisensor are context dependent and that is why we are with samen with Strukton Geocon started to further investigate the implementation of this sensor. We have two of ours on the quay walls of Brielle for this purpose Multisensor Tilt placed. These send their data via it LoRa network from KPN towards a platform of WiththeGrid