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Asset tracking, 24/7 inspection and predictive maintenance

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Multisensor is the most simple, versatile and affordable approach towards connecting company assets and processes through LoRa to the IoT (Internet of Things). Every multipurpose sensor comes with 7+ on board sensors and a range of additional options that express your company’s performance in clear figures. Your Multisensors connect to one of our standard platforms or the platform of your choice via LoRa and Bluetooth. So whether you’re looking for a simple hardware fix, or a comprehensive IoT solution: Multisensor has got you covered.
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24/7 Inspection with Multisensor

Always be the first to know

Manual and visual inspections are time consuming and tedious, plus the time between inspections may last weeks to years. Multisensor is present any given place at any given time, and will never be bored. Whether you want to know vibration in quay walls, how much stock you have left or whether your electronic equipment may risk water damage; Multisensor will let you know at a regular interval. Get rid of snapshots and make sure you always know.

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Multisensor Inspection_Asset tracking iot
Multisensor asset tracking update_Asset tracking iot

Asset tracking with Multisensor

Keep your assets in check

Your assets are not only valuable company property; they are of key essense for you daily operations as well. Multisensor tracks everything that is of value for your company, and by that gives you control over theft and misplaced items. By informing you of the location of your assets, Multisensor helps you to operate without interruption.

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Predictive maintenance with Multisensor

Take action when needed


With its 7+ sensors, Multisensor offers a range of ways in which necessary maintenance can be foretold. Multisensor gives you insight in operating hours, vibration, temperature and acceleration; data that gives you insight of the use and abuse of your assets. In this way you make sure that the operations of your company will not be interrupted. Rule out the element of surprise, act on what you know.

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Multisensor Maintenance_Asset tracking iot

Select your Multisensor


Multisensor platforms_Miggy

Standard casing with size 7.4 x 3 x 2.5 cm

Get insight on the Miggy platform


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Multisensor platforms_Grafana AWS Thingworkx Cumulocity IoT

Optional custom casing
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Get insight on the platform of your choice


Option to add sensors
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Multisensor +

Multisensor platforms_Custom platform iot

Optional custom casing
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Get insight on a custom made platform


Option to add sensors
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Longer life

Multisensor standard has a battery life of up to two years. Need more time? We will upgrade the battery life for you with a custom Multisensor.



Size does matter

Seven sensors in seven centimeters: With it’s compact size Mulisensor easily fits in or on all your assets. Need a different shape, size or way to attach Multisensor? Let us know and we will produce a custom casing especially for you.

Multisensor has got you covered

Multisensor works over the Wide Area Network LoRa and Bluetooth. LoRa is the network that allows for affordable, efficient sensors. The combination with Bluetooth makes sure that you can pinpoint all your Multisensors in detail. In that way Multisensor offers the best of both networks!

Think outside the box

Custom casings for Multisensor


Multisensor is designed to easily mount on to any substrate with the help of the mounting clamp, tie-wraps, magnets or tape. In some cases however, the design of a custom casing with mounting is required. This can either be because the circumstances are challenging, or direct contact is required (mainly in cases of high-precision sensing).

In the event that a custom casing is required, Dent Engineering will investigate the context and mounting possibilities and come up with a design for a custom casing and mounting. Early prototypes can be 3D printed in-house. Dent Engineering also creates small to medium sized series production with injection molding.

IoT sensor fusion at your disposal

Every Multisensor comes with 7+ connected sensors, and every sensor records different parameters. On top of measuring these parameters comes sensor fusion: the combination of multiple sensory inputs into new insights. By fusing the data of seven sensors, Multisensor enables you to paint the complete picture. If this looks like a good idea, smells like a good idea and sounds like a good idea, it’s probably a good idea right?

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IoT Multisensor_Accelerometer

1. Acceleration with the accelerometer

The 3-axis accelorometer can be used to monitor and measure vibration and orientation.
Is your asset being used?
What is the running time of your asset?
Does vibration exceed certain limits?

Minimal sensitivity: 0,122 mg/digit
Max range: 16G

IoT Multisensor_Rotation sensor

2. Orientation with the gyroscope

Multisensor is equiped with a 3-axis gyroscope so you can measure and monitor angular deflection and speed of angular rotation.
If you would like to know when a barriergate is opened or need to know possible skewness of an asset, this sensor will help you.

Sensitivity: 17.50 mdps ( at +/- 500 dps)

IoT Multisensor_Temperature sensor

3. Temperature sensor

You can use the 2 temperature sensors on Multisensor to measure environmental temperature or temperature of a specific part of your asset.

Both temperature sensors have a range of -40 – +85°C (+/- 3%)

IoT Multisensor_Humidity

4. Relative humidity sensor

Set thresholds for the relative humidity to get alerts when humidity is changing. This can be used to sense if a street cabinet is open or if heavy rainfall caused water to enter an asset.

Range: 20 – 90% (+/- 3%)

IoT Multisensor_Magnetometer

5. 3-axis magnetometer

The 3-axis magnetometer can be used to sense metal objects entering the magnetic field of the sensor. This gives you insight in passing or positioned objects.

Sensitivity: 0.29 mgauss (+/-8 gauss)

IoT Multisensor_Light sensor

6. Light intensity sensor

The light intensity sensor of Multisensor can be used to do environmental measurements. Also it can identify context changes, for example when doors are opened or an asset is positioned correctly.

Minimal sensitivity: 0.01 lux

IoT Multisensor_Air pressure - barometer

7. Air pressure sensor

With the air pressure sensor you can do environmental measurements or know air pressure based heights.

Range: 300-1100 hPa (+/- 0,25%)

IoT Multisensor_Asset tracking IoT

Extra feature: IoT Location tracking

One of the advantages of LoRa is that it automatically comes with IoT location tracking.

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