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IoT Multisensor

Multisensor + platform

One product.

One platform.

For all your assets.

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Predictive maintenance - vibration@0.75x iot
Remote management with wireless monitoring

With Multisensor from Dent IoT you have a solution for all your wireless monitoring needs. Existing solutions are often too specific and therefore expensive and not adaptable to your wishes. They also do not fit well with your software.

Multisensor is fully adjustable, expandable and fits seamlessly with your operational and software needs.

With Multisensor you have everything you need to create an efficient and cost-effective IoT solution. Choose Multisensor from Dent IoT and get the most out of your IoT projects.

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Asset tracking @0.75x iot
Predictive maintenance@0.75x iot
A flexible sensor

Multisensor is wireless, compact, rechargeable and very energy efficient. With the 7 integrated sensors, this data logger is able to meet your data collection needs. And if you need more sensors, Multisensor also offers the option of connecting external sensors. Multisensor is platform agnostic, meaning it can be deployed on any existing platform. This makes Multisensor the ideal solution for both new and existing systems.

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Container tracking@0.75x iot

Multisensor as a solution

Multi-sensor Security
Securing assets with IoT Alarm

Protect valuable assets with Multisensor Alarm. Multisensor Alarm emits a 97dB sound and visual alarm when there is movement and sends its location directly via a secure network.
Multisensor Alarm can also be used on doors and windows to report burglaries.

Multi-sensor climate control
Humidity, temperature and light intensity

Multisensor is equipped as standard with a humidity sensor, temperature sensor and light intensity sensor. By combining the data from these sensors, a complete picture of the climate in which Multisensor is located is provided. 

Multi-sensor asset tracking
Detect unplanned downtime and track location 24/7

Multisensor Place registers and visualizes the location of all your assets in one image. This can be done with an accuracy of up to approximately 30 meters using the LoRa connection, after which you can locate with an accuracy of up to the meter using Bluetooth. Multisensor Place can also be found in chaotic places using light and sound signals.

Multisensor Tilt and subsidence
Monitoring quay walls, buildings and trees

Multisensor Skew is the solution for monitoring static assets such as quay walls, buildings and trees. With the 9-axis accelerometer and optional inclinometer, orientation, tilt and vibration in the asset can be measured with extremely high accuracy.

Multisensor Energy consumption
Current and voltage sensor with climate measurement

Multisensor Power arose from the demand to carry out current measurements in street cabinets of, among others, street lighting and internet providers. Multisensor Power is a non-invasive LoRa based power and climate sensor box. The sensor box has inputs for 3 flow meters and 4 temperature and humidity sensors. The status of all Multisensors can be clearly viewed on the Multisensor Power dashboard.

Mini Multi-sensor tracking
The smallest IoT multi-purpose sensor

Mini Multisensor is the only postage stamp-sized LoRa-based multi-purpose sensor on the market. Mini Multisensor measures vibrations and rotation, temperature and the location is determined via LoRa. Due to its size, Mini Multisensor can be cast in resin, placed in housings and packaged with shipments.

24/7 Inspection with Multisensor

Always be the first to know


Manual and visual inspections are time-consuming, and the time between inspections can last weeks to years. Multisensor is available at any place at any time, without complaint. Whether you want to measure vibrations in quay walls, want to know how much stock you have left or want to detect possible water damage in the street cupboard: Multisensor will let you know regularly. Forget snapshots and make sure you're always informed.

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Multisensor Inspection_Asset tracking iot
Multisensor asset tracking update_Asset tracking iot

Asset tracking with Multisensor

Keep an eye on your assets


Your assets are not only valuable property of your company; they are essential for your daily business. Multisensor ensures the localization and monitoring of valuable assets. This gives you control over the theft or loss of tools, machines, the fleet and so on, using IoT. Multisensor lets your business work without interruption, by informing you about the location and status of your assets.

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Predict maintenance with Multisensor

Take action when necessary


With its 7+ sensors, Multisensor provides a range of options for predicting maintenance using IoT. Multisensor gives you insight into operating hours, temperature, vibration and acceleration; insights that allow you to determine use and misuse of the assets. And with this you can ensure that your company's operations do not come to a standstill. Don't be faced with any surprises; act on what you know.

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Multisensor Maintenance_Asset tracking iot

Choose your Multisensor


Multisensor platforms_Miggy

Standard housing is 7.4 x 3 x 2.5 cm

Gain insight on the Miggy platform


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Multisensor platforms_Grafana AWS Thingworkx Cumulocity IoT

Custom housing optional
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Gain insight on the platform of your choice


Option to add more sensors
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Multisensor +

Multisensor platforms_Custom platform iot

Custom housing optional
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Gain insight on a tailor-made platform


Option to add more sensors
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Multisensor has got you covered

Multisensor is connected to the LoRa WAN and Bluetooth network. LoRa is the network that makes affordable and efficient sensors possible. The combination with Bluetooth ensures that you can locate all your Multisensors very accurately. In this way, Multisensor offers the best of both networks.

Years of use

The battery of Multisensor lasts up to 2 years. Do you need longer battery life? We can upgrade this for you into a custom Multisensor.



Size does matter

Seven sensors in seven centimeters: with its compact dimensions, Multisensor fits easily in or on all your assets. Do you need a different shape, size, or mounting method? Let us know and we will design and produce a special housing for you.



Multiple sensors

Each Multisensor has 7 sensors and each sensor measures different parameters. On top of this wealth of data comes sensor fusion: combining different sensor inputs into new insights

Modular and adaptable

Multisensor is designed in such a way that additional sensors or modules can be added with ease. In consultation, we can make Multisensor specifically applicable for any desired context. Consider an alarm add-on, ultrasonic sensor or a very accurate inclinometer.
In addition, Multisensor is equipped with a fully customizable and adjustable firmware framework.

Installed quickly

Multisensor is ready for use. You can configure and install Multisensor in no time.

Custom housing for Multisensor

Think out of the box

Multisensor is designed in such a way that it can easily be attached to any surface using the mounting plate, tie-wraps, magnets or tape. In some cases a special housing and mounting is required. This is due, for example, to environmental conditions or because direct contact is required (mainly in high-accuracy measurements).

In the event that a custom enclosure is required, Dent Engineering will investigate the context and possibilities and design a special enclosure and mounting. First prototypes can be made by Dent himself using 3D printing. Dent Engineering also develops small to medium-sized series for injection molding.

IoT sensor fusion with your data

Each Multisensor has 7+ sensors and each sensor measures different parameters. On top of this wealth of data comes sensor fusion: combining different sensor inputs into new insights. By combining the data from different sensors, Multisensor enables you to paint the complete picture. Because if it looks like a good idea, smells like a good idea and sounds like a good idea, then it must be a good idea, right?

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IoT Multisensor_Accelerometer

1. Acceleration with the accelerometer

The 3-axis IoT accelorometer can be used to monitor vibration and orientation.

  • Is your asset being used?
  • What is the useful life of your asset?
  • Do the vibrations exceed the limits?


Minimum sensitivity: 0.122 mg/digit | Max range: 16G

IoT Multisensor_Rotation sensor

2. Orientation with the gyroscope

Multisensor is equipped with a 3-axis IoT gyroscope with which angular rotation and speed of angular rotation can be monitored. You can use this sensor to measure the orientation and tilt of assets.

Sensitivity: 17.50 mdps (at +/- 500 dps)

IoT Multisensor_Temperature sensor

3. Temperature sensor

Multisensor's two temperature sensors can be used to find out whether the conditions of assets are being adjusted. This could, for example, indicate that machines are starting up, are open or down, or that the assets are being moved.

Both temperature sensors have a range of -40°C – +85°C (+/- 3%)

IoT Multisensor_Humidity

4. Relative humidity sensor

Set maximum values for the IoT relative humidity sensor to receive notifications when humidity changes. This may indicate, for example, that circumstances change (for example due to a rain shower), that assets are open or that the assets are moved.

Range: 20 – 90% (+/- 3%)

IoT Multisensor_Magnetometer

5. 3-axis magnetometer

The 3-axis IoT magnetometer measures the penetration of the sensor's magnetic field by metal objects.

Sensitivity: 0.29 mgauss (+/-8 gauss)

IoT Multisensor_Light sensor

6. Light intensity sensor

The light intensity sensor on Multisensor can be used to take environmental measurements. He can also observe changes in the context, for example the opening of a door or the (in)correct placement of an asset.

Minimum sensitivity: 0.01 lux

IoT Multisensor_Air pressure - barometer

7. Air pressure sensor

With the air pressure sensor you can take environmental measurements or determine air pressure-based heights.

Range: 300-1100 hPa (+/- 0.25%)

IoT Multisensor_Asset tracking IoT

Additional feature: IoT Location tracking

One of the advantages of LoRa is that the location of each sensor is automatically registered using triangulation.

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