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Many companies that want to get started with IoT have to figure out everything on their own about hardware, connectivity, portals and most importantly, how to integrate it all into their own operations. Miggy is a company that bridges the gap between market demand for IoT and industry supply. Dent IoT has been asked to work with Miggy to create a small, versatile multi-sensor that can be easily applied and integrated into existing operations and areas.


What is unique about this product is that you can find it based on a combination of techniques (Bluetooth, LoRa and sound). In addition, it is extremely energy efficient and can be configured and used for all kinds of purposes. That is why we have created a compact product with the following functionalities: temperature, humidity, 3-axis accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, barometer, light sensor, hall sensor, tilt sensor, buzzer, magnetometer and location based on LoRa trilateration. We have integrated all this on a very small footprint.


A small device (the MS-02) that can be used for many tasks thanks to its many functionalities. By choosing a combination of functionalities themselves, Miggy customers can use the device and sensors via the Bluetooth connection, for example, as:

  • Asset tracker
  • Alarm sensor for doors or valuables such as art
  • Remote detection (for example in the fight against COVID-19)
  • Environmental sensor for measuring room temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Localization both outdoors and indoors (Bluetooth beacon)
  • Maintenance detection through vibration

Because the Miggy MS-02 is so compact, it is possible to place, attach or hang it in all kinds of places.

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