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Goodbye to routine maintenance inspections

Spread out across the Netherlands: thousands of street cabinets that house part of the network we use for our internet and telephone connection. These cabinets are regularly inspected to ensure the continuous quality of our network. Not entirely unimportant! These check-ups are done periodically by inspectors. Can this labor-intensive task be replaced by a self-regulating system?

Shell TapUp

Fuel delivery savings

Shell Tapup is a new venture of Shell that delivers fuel the vehicle fleet of their business consumers. Tapup supports the energy transition: minimally taxed fuels become more accessible through a delivery service. Is it possible to optimize this delivery service?


Enabling 3000 developers in IoT prototyping

The Internet of Things offers endless opportunities. The more people know about- and think through this technology, the more helpful solutions can arise. MachineQ, active from Philadelphia in the USA, was looking for an accessible way to introduce programmers and developers to the opportunities of this technology. How can we make IoT comprehensible and more accessible to public?

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