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IoT Services

Digitize your maintenance

24/7 inspection, data loggers and software that match your operation
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IoT Products

Monitoring with Multisensor

Always and remotely insight into your management and maintenance
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Control your operation


Dent Locate

Asset tracking

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Dent wear monitor

Predictive Maintenance

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Dent Remote Monitor

Measuring networks for infrastructure

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Dent Energy monitor


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Plug and play and tailored solutions

Dent supplies solutions based on existing products, but also offers the option of white label solutions and custom product development of electronics, software and housings. Our monitoring applications are:

  • remote management of mobile assets
  • measurement networks for physical infrastructure
  • measuring wear for predictive maintenance.

Dent IoT was founded in 2016 with the aim of helping companies digitize their asset management with state-of-the-art sensor and communication technology. With our passion for technology, we support our customers to place wireless sensors in the right places in the physical operation to achieve a better operational result.

We make sensor information from the physical world accessible online via integrated connectivity. We present this data via the Dent IoT monitoring portal. The operation can be seamlessly monitored via the measured assets. The system automatically provides notifications if deviations are detected. In addition, it can direct the right actions for follow-up through various integrations in your software.

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