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IoT as an extension of your company. So you can work faster, smarter and better.

The future is now

Anything is possible in this digital era. A huge array of sensors allow us to subtract any kind of information from our surroundings. The numbers tell the tale.
This information enables us to create something more than a practical application: a “smart solution” which makes data find the way by itself! This saves you time, money and headaches… and gives us a reason to celebrate. Because your success is our motive.

Sensor measurement Sensor measurement
Operational impact Operational impact
Financial reduction Financial reduction
Data value Data value

Great work.

For great brands.

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Changing the world with technology

Dent believes in a hands-on approach. We are decisive, passionately inspired and bursting with enthusiasm. We ignore one-day-flies and aim for long term successes. We guide you through our step-by-step process, where we take on the product development, with you as our appointed captain. Together we innovate and carve out the future of your company.

The Dent formula

Proud of our work

Not only do we think along, but we also take you to the next step. We think ahead. While these are nice promises, it doesn’t prove anything.
That’s why we would like to share some of our cases to show you what we can do. From problem to an effective solution, from old-fashion to true innovation. Results that we’re proud of.

Goodbye to routine maintenance inspections

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Fuel delivery savings

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Enabling 3000 developers in IoT prototyping

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A team of great minds

Some call us nerds, we prefer “creative technologists”. Creating is in our blood. Technology is not only our job, it is our hobby and our personal drive. But be not mistaken, we are no solo-artists. Collaboration is the fuel of our organization. We are professionals, only aiming for the best. Your success is our ultimate motive.

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