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IoT product development for your ultimate monitoring solution.

Dent believes in a hands-on approach. We are decisive, passionately inspired and bursting with enthusiasm.

We ignore one-day-flies and aim for long term successes. Our solutions are often “smart” products or connected products and have to properly work in the long term.

We guide you through our step-by-step process, where we take on the product development, with you as our appointed captain. Together we innovate and carve out the future of your company.

MachineQ Productontwikkeling Digitalisatie IoT Dent Rotterdam

The future is now

Anything is possible in this digital era. A huge array of sensors allow us to subtract any kind of information from our surroundings. The numbers tell the tale.
This information enables us to create something more than a practical application: a “smart solution” which makes data find the way by itself! This saves you time, money and headaches… and gives us a reason to celebrate. Because your success is our motive.

Innovation through collaboration

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